Elections Administrator     

Christy Covey

Deputy Elections Administrator

Evelina Ramos

107 NE Vernon St Glen Rose

PO Box 1355 Glen Rose

Phone: 254-897-9470

Fax: 254-897-7703

Email: elections@co.somervell.tx.us


Central Count Station Plan

Somervell County Elected Officials and Term of Office

Elimination of Straight Party Voting Information

Notice of Acceptable forms of Identificaion


Voting History

For daily voting history please follow link below:




Order of election- updated early voting

Notice of Special Election (English Spanish) – Glen Rose ISD


Notable Links

Welcome to the Texas Secretary of State (https://www.sos.state.tx.us/index.shtml)


Military and overseas voter information (https://www.fvap.gov/texas)


League of Women Voters of Texas Voting guides (https://www.lwvtexas.org)

2020 Texas Election Security Update (state.tx.us)

How to become a Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrar (https://www.sos.state.tx.us/elections/laws/advisory2012-04.shtml)

Poll Watchers (state.tx.us)

Candidate Information (state.tx.us)

Election Officials and Officeholders (state.tx.us)


Past Election Results

PAST ELECTION RESULTS – Somervell County Texas


Precinct Map

Somervell County Precinct Map


Voting Assistance

Somervell County provides for curbside voting at early voting and election day polling locations. Please notify the election workers either by calling ahead or sending in an assistant to the polling place.

All polling places used by the Somervell County Elections Office are handicapped accessible. Each polling location also has available magnifying sheets and wheelchair accessible voting machines.

Additionally, persons unable to read or write may bring an assistant of their choice to help with the voting process. Voters’ union representatives and employers are ineligible to assist. Election workers are also available to assist upon request.

Pursuant to Section 63.0013, Election Code:
An election officer may give voting order priority to individuals with a mobility problem that substantially impairs the person’s ability to move around.

• A person assisting an individual with a mobility problem may also, at the individual’s request, be given voting order priority.

• Disabilities and conditions that may qualify you for voting order priority include paralysis, lung disease, the use of portable oxygen, cardiac deficiency, severe limitation in the ability to walk due to arthritic, neurological, or orthopedic condition, wheelchair confinement, arthritis, foot disorder, the inability to walk 200 feet without stopping to rest, or use of a brace, cane, crutch, or other assistive device.

• Voters who wish to be given voting order priority, and be accepted for voting before others in line to vote at that polling place, may indicate this to any election officer serving at the polling place. The presiding election judge will determine whether the voter and the voter’s assistant, if applicable, will be brought forward to the front of the line.

Disabled voters, those over 65 years of age, and voters who expect to be out of the county during both the early voting period and election day may request a ballot be mailed to them. Applications for a Ballot By Mail are available from the Somervell County Elections Office. Click Ballot By Mail or the Secretary of State for more information.