Marriage Licenses

Certified copies of marriage licenses are available only if the license was purchased in Somervell County.

In person: Complete the application form and provide a valid picture ID.

The fee varies for a marriage license:  (See below)

1 page license: $6

2 page license: $7 (This fee applies to marriage licenses issued between January 21, 1989 thru August 19, 2005)

Plain copies are $1 per page. 

***PURCHASE ONLINE: To obtain a regular copy of your marriage license, you may go to and purchase it online, immediately.

By mail: Complete the application form and a self-addressed, stamped envelope and a check or money order for $6/$7 to:

Michelle Reynolds
Somervell County Clerk
PO Box 1098
Glen Rose, TX 76043

Application for a Certified Copy of a Marriage License


 Couples who want to register an informal (common law) marriage may apply at the County Clerk’s Office. The parties must provide the same information as for a marriage license, and must swear or affirm that they:
  • have agreed to be married as of a certain date
  • have lived together as husband and wife in Texas
  • have represented to others that they are married
  • have not been married to anyone else after the declaration of marriage to each other
  • are not related by blood or adoption.

The fee for registration of an Informal Marriage is $46.


In most cases, both parties must be present to apply for a marriage license. Click here for information on absent applicants.

Both parties must be age 18 or over, unless a court order has been signed approving otherwise.

Both parties must present valid picture IDs, Social Security numbers, and their city, county and state of birth.

The clerk’s office will complete the license application, based on information provided by the applicants. Both parties must sign the application.

The license fee is $81, unless the couple has completed a “Twogether in Texas” class or the equivalent, which lowers the fee to $12.

The license is valid for 90 days and there is a 72-hour waiting period before the parties can marry.

The waiting period may be waived for applicants whom meet certain criteria.

Once the marriage has occurred, the completed license must be returned to the clerk’s office for recording and will be returned to the couple by mail or in person.


Affidavit of Absent Applicant for Marriage License


In the event that a marriage license is lost, destroyed or rendered useless (before the license is recorded), the clerk can issue a duplicate license for a fee of $12.


Proof of Identity Options