Estrayed Livestock

If you believe one of these animals to be your livestock, please contact the Somervell County Sheriff’s Office at



Case NumberDate of NoticeNoticesKind of AnimalPhoto(s)
14-00065 Dec 5, 20141 Cow
2205223May 20, 2022NoticeHorse


The Texas Agriculture Code, Section 142 (from TexasOnline), provides for a method of disposing estray livestock. The Office of Sheriff has the authority to capture and impound all stray livestock, prepare a notice of estray, file the notice with the county clerk, advertise the impoundment on the county’s Internet website for at least 15 days after the date of impoundment, and post notice on the public notice board of the courthouse.

If the owner of the estray is not determined or claimed before the 18th day, the sheriff shall cause the estray to be sold at a public sale or auction and a report of the sale is filed with the county clerk.